Just a way to say i love you


i may not know what the future holds

but i know for sure what my heart dearly  holds

life is a beautiful mystery

and i know you are the one i will explore it with

i hate to say this, but i have no better way to put it across

if you were not the one then why does this distance maim my life

if you are not the one for me, then why does your heart return my kisses

i miss you, your body and soul

but i cant forget the incidents when our souls meet in ecstasy

leaving my body to pray for strength … to stand …strong for you

cause i love you big or even so very much and even though i cant hold
you tonight

my heart is just right there besides you my love

thoughts of you make me glad

thoughts of you make our hearts interlock

like electrons to the nucleus

thoughts of you make me feel yours

thoughts of you make love you

out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

the abundance of you in my heart expressed through my pen

though if you were here with me i would gladly sing to you

but lemme assure you

just like Janette, i will wait for you

strange moments come and go

leaving me completely mad

broken down in tears, sadder than sad

but the reason i get up after a tragic fall

dust off and walk with a broad smile on my face

is the thought that you are not far from me

whispering, “babe, its OK, just take it easy and give it another try”

what more compares to that

more than a charming angel like you

with pure love birthed inside your soul,

and expressed through your heart to your lips

in sunsets and in sunrise

in daylights and in midnights

in inches and in miles in laughter and in strives

in truth and in the lies you are told

in jubilant and in cries

our love shines through the linings

reminding us nothing is bigger than we

i would wish you to know

that you are all i ever wanted

the only one i would

more than any language would comprehend

and if i were to live alone

let me be … alone ….with you

we are one

for the rest of time

as it seems everlasting

for you to always be mine

you are a part of me

and i of you indefinitely

i long for that moment

when i will hold you and watch you sleep in my arms

just as the watchmen wait for the morning

am waiting for you

i give you everything in me

i start by my heart

give you happiness and the desires of  your heart

that’s exactly what you deserve

as the man after my own heart



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